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LED Atomic Cup 8 mode


These LED Glow Cups are just like our Atomic Glow Cups but with battery powered LED Lights to keep the party going even longer! They are solid white with colored lights that emanate from the bottom via an easy push button. Each solid color has 3 modes: strobe, blink, and steady light.

One RGB style has 3 modes: quick flash of all colors, slow blink of all colors, and a steady mode of all colors. The second RGB style has 8 modes: solid blue, solid red, solid green, solid pink, solid orange, solid purple, solid pink with purple, and a soft fade of all colors.

These Cups are the perfect party accessory. They fit every occasion and bring a hint of modern simplicity to every party design. The RGB Cup is featured in the video, simply click the product image on the left!

Click for Product Video

Top Diameter: 3.5"
Bottom Diameter: 2.45"
Height: 5.55"
Ounces: 16
Replacement Batteries: (3) AG13

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