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How do I track my order status?

It is very simple to track your Order Status. You can click this link Track My Order that will take you to our Order Status page. On this page you will enter your Order Number associated with your order and your Email address. Click submit to receive your Orders Status


When will my order arrive?

Upon finishing checkout, you may select your shipping method. Please remember to consider only business days in transit when calculating your shipping time, this excludes weekends and holidays and any weather delays as this is out of our control. We allow at least 24 hours for your order to ship out of our warehouse and most orders will ship on the next business day. Please remember processing time is in addition to the shipping method you choose at check out. Free Shipping promo does not apply to orders outside of the continental US - does not apply to Alaska, Canada, Hawaii, or Puerto Rico. Orders shipping to Alaska, Canada, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico could take 14-20 business days for arrival, depending on the ship method chosen at check out.

To determine transit time on ground shipments visit and enter "Los Angeles, CA . 90049"  in the "ship-from" field. Now place your information in the "ship-to" fields. Remember to make the shipment date the next business day after you placed the order. The "in-hand date" provided should help us advise you to upgrade your shipping if necessary.

Please note that in some cases, we may require a simple credit card authorization form (provided via email or fax by Glowsource) to be filled out and returned to us before the order is sent out. This is being required by more and more banks in order to protect both you and online merchants from fraud. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause, but we at Glowsource do everything we can to help protect our customers from credit card fraud. Please make sure to enter a current, valid phone number and email address with your online order so that we can promptly contact you if necessary to avoid delaying your orders shipment.


How fast can you ship my order?

**During the month of December, orders may take an extra day or two to ship out of our warehouse due to the high volume of orders.**

We allow 24 hours to process your order, and most orders ship on the next business day when placed on the web. Please do not consider weekends, holidays or weather delays as days in transit. However, rush orders are our specialty and if you need your product shipped that day you will need to call in. Expedited shipping is available (UPS Next Day Air, UPS 3rd Day Select, etc.) so if you have at least 24 hours it can probably be done. Give us a call.


What is the GlowSource return policy?

We make every effort to insure that your order is right the first time. Glowsource will only accept returns if an incorrect item was mistakenly shipped by Glowsource. Glowsource may elect to replace returned items that have been determined to be defective. Any items determined to be user-defective will not be approved for a refund. Customer must return the defective items to determine any sort of refund. No refunds will be issued on Light Up Balloons or Beach Balls as these are final sale for hygienic reasons. will not allow returns, exchanges, or refunds in instances in which the customer is dissatisfied with the ordered products, despite the ordered products reasonably conforming to the description or image provided on the website. Custom print items will not be accepted for a refund. We do not take responsibility for packages determined to be delivered by the shipping carrier, but that are claimed by customer as lost or stolen. For more details, visit our Returns & Exchanges page.

Do you have a printed catalog available?

Unfortunately, due to the evolving nature of the glow novelty industry, a catalog would be out of date before even going to print. All our products are conveniently available with current pricing 24 hours a day on our website.


What makes glow sticks "glow?"

The light is produced when two solutions are allowed to mix, causing a chemical reaction. One of the solutions is kept in a thin tube of plastic which, when the tube is bent or flexed, allows the mixture to take place. In order to initiate the glowing reaction, squeeze the shape until all the inner tubes have been broken, then shake vigorously while keeping the front face down.

Are chemical glow products safe?

Our products do not emit heat or sparks and are completely safe for normal use. Glow products are safe even in the presence of combustible liquids and gases where standard light sources might become fire hazards. We cannot recommend our products for children 5 and under; adult supervision is recommended.


Are glow items affected by temperature?

Temperatures between 60F-80F provide an optimal amount of light emission. Any temperature above 80F will cause the light to be brighter but burn for a shorter duration. Conversely, if the temperature is below 60F, the light will be dimmer, but last proportionally longer. As a rule, when temperature decreases so does intensity of the light, while output time increases.


What if I accidentally rupture a glow stick?

Our products contain non-toxic chemical solutions that will not inflict injury to the eyes or skin. Discomfort may be caused by direct contact to the eyes, but thorough rinsing with water will relieve any temporary affects. Glow solutions have been known to soften and varnish paint and stain fabric. Dry cleaning, however, may remove these stains. Again, we recommend against using glow products with children under 5 years of age and please remember to use common sense when dealing with these or any other similar products.


Are glow products waterproof?

All products are completely waterproof and can be used in rain, pools, saltwater and freshwater.

Are some glow colors better than others?

Yes, certain colors hold certain properties. Bright colors such as green, pink and yellow will burn extremely bright but last a comparatively short amount of time. Classically duller colors such as blue and red will burn less brightly but seem to last longer. Overall we recommend choosing a color based on your preference and palette as the longevity difference is not incredibly significant.


How long will my glow item last?

Depending on the size, type, and manufacture of the product, it can be expected to glow 2-6 hours and many will last longer. Our Super Bright Shorties (used in Cool Glow Products) are engineered to burn very brightly and so use up their fuel fairly quickly while our 6" light sticks should glow for quite some time. This is just an example of how certain types of sticks or brand names can vary.

What is the estimated shelf life of glow sticks?

Quality control studies have confirmed that as long as the outer foil wrapper has not been compromised, the product should be viable for one to four years, depending on the particular product. NOTE: store all products in their package until they're to be used.


Can a glow stick be "turned off?"

Due to the chemical nature of their glow, the reaction cannot be stopped once activated. It can, however, be delayed by placing the product in a freezer or other similarly cold place for up to several days. It will glow once again when brought back up to room temperature.


Do LED lights "burn out?"

LED lights tend not to "burn out" in the traditional way a tungsten bulb would. They do fade but over great lengths of time with continued use and will not violently pop or explode. The only real limitation on LED life are the limitations of its power source, in our case, alkaline/lithium batteries.


How long will my lighted product last?

Lighted products will generally last as long as their batteries can power them (and even then most can simply be replaced). Litecubes have clocked in at several days of continued use in testing (their single LED draws little power, but their batteries can NOT be replaced), while more complex products may not last as long, they will function for at least one night with battery replacement. Setting the product to "flash" instead of "steady-on" can exponentially increase battery life and purchasing high-quality lithium-infused batteries will obviously result in great results.


Are some LED colors better than others?

LED lights, unlike chemical glow, will generally light up consistently regardless of color. However, bright colors such as green will draw battery power more than dark colors such as red. This often results in the green and/or blue LEDs in a product failing to light while a red will continue on as the battery charge fades. If you experience a green or blue LED light failing while a red is still functioning, try replacing the batteries before assuming that all is lost.


What kind of batteries do lighted items use?

Though it does vary widely, most of our light up glasses, cups, and bowls require "AG13" button cells (2-3 per item) that can be purchased in packs from our web store or from any number of craft retailers and chain markets. Litecube batteries, unfortunately, are not replaceable as that would compromise the product's waterproof casing.


Are lighted items reusable?

Most of our LED items have batteries that can be replaced (though not ALL items). One of the big advantages of LED lights over chemical glow is that most lighted items can be switched on and off, often have multiple modes of operation, and can be reused over and over again (assuming you replace the batteries). Lighted Ice Cube batteries can not be replaced, however this product has been tested and lasts for several days. We do not recommend machine washing our products as the plastic can melt, but they can definitely be washed by hand and used again and again.

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