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10" Assorted LED Beach Ball

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Light Up Beach Ball. With the popularity of our glow beach balls we knew that we had to up the ante. So we came up with our brand new LIGHT UP Beach Ball. Instead of the standard glow stick that comes with our glow beach ball, you receive a 6 Mode Light Stick to insert into the 10" beach ball to light it up like NEVER before. Modes include R/G/B quick mix, Steady On Pink/Purple, Flash Green, Flash Red, Flash Blue, and fade through all colors.  

NOTE: The Light Stick is not waterproof. The easiest way to keep it from getting wet if you have a pool party is to put the Light Stick in a Zip-Lock bag and then put it in the Beach Ball.
If you want to hang the balls, you'll need to plug the hole or tape over it so the light stick stays in tact.


6 Reviews

Write a Review
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    Posted by Shirley on Feb 5th 2018

    I did not realize the balls themselves would not be coloured. They are translucent plastic. The construction of the balls is quite poor, meaning some actually do not create a smooth round-sphere when inflated. The coloured LED sticks are quite weak in colour so would only show their colour if they were displayed in a completely dark space.

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    the 2 that worked were great

    Posted by mef on Dec 26th 2017

    Unfortunately, only 2 of the light sticks worked. Disappointing. But the 2 that did work were great.

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    Girls camp leader

    Posted by Loni Probert on May 16th 2016

    I received my complete order promptly and that was wonderful. The main reason I ordered this specific product however was because I wanted the beach ball to glow white. I had borrowed a friends beach ball which had been ordered a year ago and I thought I was going to get the exact product. My beach balls however don't have the white glow setting I was wanting. Instead, the color is more of a blue. I'm disappointed about that.

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    Led Beach Ball

    Posted by ShadyCal on Feb 16th 2016

    Love the product

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    Multi Campus Coordinator

    Posted by Crossroads Fellowship Students Ministry on Oct 12th 2015

    Received wrong size LED sticks so we weren't able to use. IF we had received the correct size ball to go with the sticks, I think they would have been AWESOME! But we didn't, so they weren't.

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    Party planner

    Posted by ShaeAnn on Oct 4th 2015

    Love love love these!!